This blog is run by Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL), a group of students, paralegals, trainee solicitors, pupil barristers and qualified junior lawyers who are committed to practising publicly funded areas of law in England and Wales.

The Government says that lawyers are “fat cats” and that legal aid is too expensive. Working for people that need help is a privilege and we are lucky to do it. We hope this blog can show our motivation in seeking a career in legal aid is to do just that: to help people in a time of crisis. Simply put, if we were motivated by the money we would be in another job.

The cuts to legal aid in 2013 have had a devastating impact on access to justice for vulnerable people. Good lawyers won’t stay in business if these cuts go ahead. This means that people who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer will be less able to find a lawyer who can provide them with advice and representation. Read YLAL’s 2013 report and our updated social mobility report from 2018, to learn more.

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