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I am a trainee solicitor earning £16,000 a year

icon_14633I am a trainee solicitor earning £16,000 a year. I recently moved from a paralegal role at a large commercial law firm to become a trainee at a small high street firm, doing predominantly legal aid work.

As a paralegal, I had long-term prospects of generous pay and an abundance of supervisors to turn to for assistance. I now run my own case load, straddle various areas of law (currently probate, family and housing) and am very much left in charge of my own training.

I attend court for housing clients, attend local authority offices for child protection conferences and see probate clients on home visits or in the office. I spend the rest of my time drafting documents and undertaking research. Solicitors across the firm hand me tasks to complete and I have only recently learnt to say no. No matter how much I want to be useful, it’s not possible to work full-time, and do a good job, for three different departments!

I lead a simple life – I rent a room in a shared house in a relatively cheap part of the country. I am looking to get on the property ladder but will struggle to get a mortgage based on my salary of £16,000 per year. I am also learning how to drive and will need to make spending cuts in order to maintain a car for my job.

I was relieved when the Court of Appeal ruled that the evidence requirements which denied victims of domestic violence access to legal aid were unlawful. If there are to be future cuts in public spending, is there a risk that we will need to mount further challenges through the courts in order to protect our clients’ fundamental right to legal advice?